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Learn Modern Perl fast. Geekuni’s courses take you all the way from writing a simple ‘Hello World’ script through to developing a search engine and an online game. Automated feedback accelerates your learning. You’ll gain a deeper understanding through discussions with your mentor. Students of each course are awarded a certificate of completion that clearly defining the skills they attained.


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  • Learn Modern Perl by developing an airport search engine * Get experience with Perl’s programming constructs * Write your own unit tested packages which can be used across projects * Learn to minimize your work by using CPAN – over 100,000 modules provided by other developers The exercises are interspersed with a project developing an airport search engine. This project will illustrate how the Perl…

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  • Web Development

    • $375
    • 4 weeks

    Learn the Dancer Perl web framework by developing an online game. Dancer is closely aligned with modern web development concepts enabling you to quickly implement easily maintainable web sites and web services. * Use the Model-View-Controller design pattern * Generate HTML with Template Toolkit * Generate JSON for a Web Service * Track user activity with cookies and sessions * Control access with redirect, forward…

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