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Generation Code

Generation Code is a full-service kids coding & robotics educational program geared towards k-12, with several specialized professional development programs for educators, as well as training opportunities for bootcamp graduates seeking to move into the education space.

Students will learn Front-End Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Development, Professional Development, Technology training Visual Programming with Scratch; Intro to Engineering and Robotics with Arduino, Snap, or Blockly; Drone Robotics with Arduino and Python.


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  • Robotics

    The robotics program spans ages 5-17. Beginning with ozorobotics for youngest students, they leverage block-based coding and color codes to introduce students to computational thinking and fundamental computer science concepts. From there, they move to Intro to Engineering and Robotics track which uses Snap, Arduino, and C to code their own multi-function robots. Students will learn how to use circuitry to light up LEDs, build…

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  • In Web Development 1, students learn how to think like web developers. By utilizing industry standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, students learn how to format code and where to place the main features of a web page to attract and hold users’ attention. The course begins by teaching HTML and CSS, so students can start building their websites right away. Students move on to…

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