Goodwin College Scale Academy classes

Goodwin College Scale Academy

Goodwin College Scale Academy is a 10 week, part-time continuing education program that focuses on building student’s skills in front-end development and web design.

Goodwin College’s Scale Academy is focused on raising the skills of individuals who are looking to build or expand their expertise in the areas of web development and coding. At the intersection of industry and education, Scale Academy programs apply practical skills across every organization.


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Goodwin College Scale Academy Courses & Classes

  • Working towards a cumulative final project, students will build upon their project from knowledge learned in class each week. Using various components of front-end web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), students should be able to build a basic, yet unique and dynamic website that will gather content from the API of their favorite site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Once fundamentals are taught, students will also…

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