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GreyAtom School of Data Science

GreyAtom is a 24-week Data Science program in Mumbai, India.

Practice-Based Education — We want students to work on real tools and real-world problems during the program. Our focus is on building stuff and NOT CERTIFICATION.

Focus on Industry Readiness — We aim in making our student’s industry ready. Our training platform “” helps students build their profile on relevant platforms (GitHub, StackOverflow, Tech Blog) which are far more valuable than any certifications.

Real Office Environment — We want to go away from classic “Coaching Institute” mentality. We want to mimic real industry experience throughout the program. Students will be working in an office environment.

Quality EcoSystem — Our program is designed by the mix of industry practitioners and academician. All our instructors are people with hands-on experience and who have built some kick-ass stuff. We have an interview process before we enroll a student. Idea is to build a qualitative ecosystem of experts and enthusiasts.

We have a separate track for freshers and working professionals. For freshers, there is a significant pre-work required before the start of the program.

We have designed our program by interviewing 50+ Data Science heads of various companies. We also take continuous feedback from our premium community of data scientists

( which is now 4000 members strong.
We already have some great industry partners on board with some really cool problem statements.

We want to ensure that you should be able to write production-grade data science applications by end of the program. We cover end to end cycle of data science application which starts from the foundation (Python / Data Science) and ends with cloud deployment on AWS and scaling your Data Science app

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GreyAtom School of Data Science Courses & Classes

  • GreyAtom’s 24-week classroom offering covers core and advanced concepts, techniques, and tools that a data scientist will find handy in aiding decision-making. As you progress through the program, you will build the kind of problem-solving acumen that is needed to resolve real world problems. Our program is divided into 4 modules:- 1) Foundation 2) Machine Learning 3) Big Data 4) Productize 5) Capstone Projects Learning…

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