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Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy offers various programming courses designed to empower women to become Software Engineers. Hackbright Academy teaches the fundamentals of modern web development, then introduces graduates to Silicon Valley companies looking to expand their engineering teams.

All students are matched with up to three experienced software engineers as mentors, as well as given customized career coaching support throughout the program. There are various scholarships and payment plans available to students. Hackbright’s strategic relationships with companies in the industry allow them to keep your tuition low. If you receive and accept a full-time job offer from one of the companies in their network, Hackbright Academy will refund part of your tuition in favor of a placement fee. Companies in their network include Amazon, Yelp, Slack and many more.

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Hackbright Academy Courses & Classes

  • Hackbright offers an Immersive Software Engineering Program that empowers women to become software engineers in 12 weeks. The full-time program is an intensive Monday through Friday course with classes from 10 am to 6 pm. Core instruction includes the fundamentals of computer science and modern web development such as the command line, Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, Flask, Django, pair programming, SQL/ORMS/NOSQL, deployment and…

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  • The part-time software development program is stimulating, exciting and fulfilling. Our challenging curriculum is based on 5 years of training students, providing tangible feedback, and helping each individual improve throughout the learning process. Students can partake in Hackbright’s life-changing Software Engineering Program while working. The Part-Time Software Engineering Program will teach you the fundamentals of computer science in addition to modern web development. This part-time…

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  • This is a 4-week part-time night course will teach you the basic fundamentals of programming. You will leave with a foundation in Python and be introduced to HTML, CSS, and Flask. The course is geared to those who are planning to apply to a bootcamp or considering shifting their careers.

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