Hacktiv8 classes


HACKTIV8 is a 12-week web development training program focusing on Full Stack JavaScript.

Our full-time course consists of 9 hours study per day, studying technologies alongside professionals from the local technology industry. Students will learn about databases, APIs, Test Driven Development, mobile development, deployment, and scaling.

Students also have access to career coaching to help them find jobs after the program. We are partnered up with over 100 companies that shares the same vision of widening the scope of technology in Indonesia.

Hacktiv8 Courses & Classes

  • Our 2-day weekend workshop enables software developers, project managers, or anyone working within a range of industries to level up their knowledge of Agile Scrum methodology and tactics and manage their team better using it. The workshop will include hands-on activities provided by our Scrum Master from Australia, Eric Lee.

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  • Our part time night class is provided as an option for those who are still uncertain about pursuing a full-time course. This class will dip their toes into the basics of Front End using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will be guided to create and design an efficient webpage from scratch through the 2 month process. Now opened in 4 different cities in Indonesia: Jakarta,…

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  • With this part time night class, students will taste the Coding Bootcamp life without having to commit to the full program. Be faced with challenges that will help you build the foundations in becoming a great programmer. Learn how to build your own landing page, the ins and outs of Javascript as a programming language, and explore data structures.

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  • In this class, you will focus on how to develop a cross-platform application using React & React Native. This is a part-time night class so it won’t get in the way of your work or school. https://hacktiv8.com/react/

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