Horizons School of Technology classes

Horizons School of Technology

The Horizons School of Technology is a software engineering bootcamp designed for college students and recent graduates. They offer full-time summer and semester programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Programs are geared toward students who have an ultimate goal of landing competitive jobs and internships in tech.

Their philosophy is simple: learn essential tech skills during your most formative years – college. During the Horizons program, students meet and collaborate with other highly motivated students. With Horizons, students are invited to immerse themselves in technology and learn how to build websites, mobile and desktop applications. They foster an intense learning environment and push students to discover which career paths interest them

Horizons School of Technology Courses & Classes

  • Learn how to build end to end web applications Collaborate with the other software engineers in your class Gain an understanding of how to work on larger engineering teams Augment your critical thinking skills Develop a strong fundamental understanding of computer science and engineering best practices Have the necessary cornerstone knowledge to quickly learn new programming languages and continue building your arsenal as an engineer…

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