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ICBootcamp Lahore, Pakistan is a immersive coding school providing software engineering education and career placement services at a very cost effect price.
It is the first in Pakistan to provide an onsite immersive course in its Lahore campus and through its presence in UK, it is offering a 3 month full-time online immersive course.
We are very product-driven in teaching FullStack JavaScript, HTML & CSS, React Native Mobile Development, APIs, Github, Testing, QA, Cloud Deployment.
Career placement is important to us so we also concentrate on interview skills, white-boarding, data structures, toy problems and algorithms.

ICBootcamp Courses & Classes

  • Our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp consists of an intensive full-time training in web application and mobile app development, given by a team composed of experienced developers and teaching assistants. In just 16 weeks, you’ll learn all the programming languages, methodologies and tools you need to be fully autonomous: Course Outline: CS and Software Engineering Fundamentals: Writing Data Structures and Algorithms, Mastering JavaScript: ES5, ES6, Advanced Javascript,…

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