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Jaaga is a collaborative space in Bangalore that connects entrepreneurs, activists, and artists. One of the many programs Jaaga hosts is a one-year program that strives to prepare students to become solid software developers trained to build the next generation of web and mobile applications. Students are expected to commit 40 hours per week to the program, and although there are no upfront costs, fees are collected once graduates start earning. Paticipants in the program will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Android, Git, Unix, system adminstration, virtualization, cloud management, Object Oriented programming and design, agile development, yoga, meditation,a nd how to make money on the Internet. Students will learn through a combination of online tutorials and by doing work as a developer on a team of an open source startup.

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  • The Program is full time requiring a minimum of 40 hours of dedicated effort each week, and residential with participants living at our beautiful location just outside of Bangalore. Participants pay 5k Inr each month for food and rent. 1 Lakh Inr tuition is due after students graduate and start earning

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