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KeepCoding is the first Career Accelerator for Developers. It offers a 48-week online full stack web and mobile development bootcamp and a Bootcamp on Big Data and Machine Learning.

KeepCoding also offers a 4-week program to start programming based on Python, the “Bootcamp Aprender a Programar desde cero” which is taught entirely in Madrid.

The need to write software more efficiently is growing in demand. Startups and big companies struggle to find talent that can deliver. Want to learn this in demand skill? KeepCoding Bootcamp offers students a program where to learn coding skills, teamwork expertise and startup business literacy.

Courses focus on learning technical skills for a startup environment where students not only learn development, but also how to create a business plan and seek funding.

Nowadays it’s not enough to be a good programmer, the market needs Full Stack Developers. Professionals who can develop the next Facebook.

KeepCoding Courses & Classes

  • This Bootcamp is not oriented to a single profile, but depending on the concerns and tastes of the person may be inclined to one exit or another. Developer, engineer in Big Data and Data Scientist with all its disciplines: Machine Learning, Data Mining Deep Learning, NLP, …, hold any position in the areas of development, machine learning … Also in positions more oriented to management…

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  • The Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp explores the fundamental architecture of a modern app with a focus on mobile development, while also touching on web development. Students will engage in hard programming, soft skills and entrepreneurship training, inspiring keynote talks, hands-on learning projects, and career development. It’s a Distance Program with live sessions, so it’s possible to enjoy a complete learning experience from anywhere in the…

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  • Why should I learn to program? The world is facing a worldwide lack of software developers. It is estimated that in two years there will be a demand for 1.4 million jobs in technology companies. However, it is estimated that only 400,000 can be covered. This means that there will be a million empty jobs in one of the sectors with the best working conditions….

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