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Kickstart Coding

Keep your day job and save money as you kickstart your coding career. In intensive, part-time classes you collaborate on projects to learn the most in-demand tech like Python and React from the top instructors at Kickstart Coding.

Kickstart Coding is open to both beginners AND pros, and as it is priced at only 1/3rd – 1/6th the cost of a comparable full stack web development program, the classes make full stack web development accessible to everyone.

The instructors combine their engineering experience at top companies like Facebook and Salesforce with experience and passion for teaching, providing students the tools to accelerate or change their careers. Python and React.js are taught in rigorous full stack classes that push your limits as an individual as well as your capacity to collaborate in a team. By the end of both courses in our immersive, inclusive curriculum, students have built a total of 4 open-ended portfolio-defining projects, contributed as a software professional to open source code, and learned how to build web apps from start to finish using the best stacks to learn for 2018 and beyond.

Kickstart coding makes the entire experience easy and seamless. You don’t even need a laptop: We hook you up with a ready-to-go dev laptop on Day 1 at no additional cost. Students find it the most attractive coding bootcamp for serious learners with real-life responsibilities, or to focus on building up skills in the the cutting edge tech that Bay Area companies require the most


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Kickstart Coding Courses & Classes

  • Truly the most in-demand tech: Python, Django, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Bash, Git, SQL, whiteboarding, interview coaching, and more. Filled with portfolio-building projects, the classes benefit a range of experience levels. The classes have an innovative part-time schedule, which can provide the same or better experience you’d get from a “bootcamp”, for less than $5,000. Kickstart Backend is a rigorous Python class on backend…

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