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Launch Academy is an 18-week immersive JavaScript coding bootcamp offering only four selective on-campus programs in Boston each year.

Launch Academy’s web development course equips aspiring software developers with what they need to succeed as professionals in today’s technology companies. While students learn in-demand technologies through this course, the core objective of the program is to teach the fundamentals and best practices of programming. That way, students are well positioned to adapt and grow with the fast-paced industry of web development. To meet industry demands, curriculum and syllabi constantly evolves and improves, based on the feedback of employers, current students, and our alumni.

Launch Academy believes that deliberate practice is the most effective way to learn software development. That means the course is entirely structured around a learn-by-doing approach. Students graduate the program with a portfolio of projects, experiences, and code examples which will help set them apart in the job market.

The program is broken into two phases and provides structured lifetime alumni support. Phase I of the program features an 8-week part -time, virtual ‘ignition’ phase, which you complete with your fellow cohort students and your full-time engineering instructors. Instructors are available via live chat throughout the ignition process, and students are connected to classmates in the cohort.

Phase II features a 10-week, full-time on-campus phase which culminates in the recruiting event. Once students have established strong programming foundations in Ignition, it’s time to take your learning to the professional level. Post graduation, students receive 4 weeks of structured support, as well as lifetime alumni support which includes access to career services and technical support as well as access to the Launch Academy space after 2pm for use to work on projects, continuous curriculum updates as they occur quarterly.

Launch Academy Courses & Classes

  • Graduates of this course will be able to: -> Architect object oriented systems using Ruby and modern JavaScript -> Develop full-stack web applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and ReactJS -> Design, model, and populate relational database schema with PostgreSQL and Structured Query Language (SQL) -> Incorporate Application Programming Interfaces (API)’s into their applications -> Incorporate Open Source Software (OSS) into their applications ->…

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