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Launch School (formerly Tealeaf Academy) is an online school for studious beginners whose goal is to become developers. Offering a professional grade curriculum designed to teach students to build production quality apps and become ready for jobs as developers at leading tech companies.

Launch School offers students constant support from teachers, teacher assistants, and a community of peers around the world.

The program focuses on full-stack web development, and takes about 1200-1800 hours (8-16+ months) to complete. After completion of the course, students may enter the job-guaranteed Career Services, where they work 1-on-1 with a mentor to land their first job in software development.

The entire course is $199/month, and students can expect an in-depth and advanced curriculum in an online bootcamp.

Once the course is completed, students can apply for a Capstone Program focused on helping students acquire career-launching opportunities. The Capstone Program takes 3 months full-time and employs an Income Sharing Agreement where students pay after they get a job offer.


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Launch School Courses & Classes

  • This is our level up to professional grade course. The goal of this course is to take you beyond a beginner Rails developer and learn what it takes to launch real, robust and production quality applications. We assume you already have a good understanding of Ruby and Rails foundations, so this course will focus on the processes, workflows and best practices of experienced developers. We…

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  • We’ll build a fun and engaging blackjack game from the ground up. Along the way, we’ll cover basic Ruby structures and systematically build up the program’s complexity and introduce you to Object Oriented Programming and best practices. You’ll never have this much fun learning programming! We then move the game to the web, and explore important topics like HTTP, dynamice view templates, processing requests and…

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  • This course is our curated program to learn core Ruby on Rails fundamentals. We will build from scratch a clone of the popular news sharing site Reddit and walk you through every core Rails concept in detail, resulting in your second launched web application. The main goal of this course is to introduce you to Rails conventions, then peel back the magic and dissect how…

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