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Metis offers data science training via 12-week full-time immersive bootcamps, part-time online bootcamp prep courses, and corporate training programs, with campuses in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. The program is now also offered Live Online with real-time instruction and interaction with classmates. The Metis Data Science Bootcamp is designed and taught by industry practitioners and covers Python, Bash, algorithms, linear regression, machine learning, NLP, databases, interactive data visualization, and more. Graduates will be comfortable designing, implementing, and communicating the results of a data science project, will grasp the fundamentals of data visualization, and will get exposure to modern big data tools and architecture such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. The data science curriculum is delivered through project-based, hands-on, collaborative learning and Metis provides students with on-site instruction, and access to speakers, mentors, events, and job support.

To apply for the Metis Data Science Bootcamp, applicants need to have experience with programming and statistics, and complete 25 hours of academic pre-work. Metis offers a free, self-paced Admissions Prep course for those who need to brush up on their linear algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, and Python skills. Metis is looking for students eager to get their hands dirty by learning new technologies and solving real-life problems, and who have the skills needed to secure entry-level jobs in the Data Science field. Metis is authorized to enroll international students with M-1 visas across all U.S. campuses, which allow non-U.S. students to attend technical and vocational programs. International students who are already in the U.S. on an F-1 visa may also transfer to Metis. Veterans may apply to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill® to develop their data science skills at the New York City bootcamp.

Graduates leave fully qualified for data scientist jobs and receive career support until hired. Students receive mock interview training, visit company offices, present their projects to employers at Career Day, and have access to an extensive network of speakers, mentors, events, and ongoing career coaching and job placement support.

Metis Courses & Classes

  • For a full course description visit: COURSE DESCRIPTION: Considering applying to our Data Science Bootcamp but need to build or brush up on your basic skills first? Our Beginner Python & Math for Data Science course was designed for you, the beginner looking for an introduction to the building blocks essential to developing data science skills or forging a new career in the field….

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  • Data Science Bootcamp

    • $17,000
    • 12 weeks

    All current dates & locations here: This accredited, full-time, 12-week data science experience hones, expands, and contextualizes the skills brought in by our competitive student cohorts. Incorporating traditional in-class instruction in theory and technique, students use real data to build a five-project portfolio to present to potential employers and have access to full career support throughout and after the bootcamp. Upon graduating from the…

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  • Currently offered Live Online. Find all current course info here: COURSE DESCRIPTION This course serves as an introduction to the data science principles required to tackle real-world, data-rich problems in business and academia, including: -Data acquisition, cleaning, and aggregation -Exploratory data analysis and visualization -Feature engineering -Model creation and validation -Basic statistical and mathematical foundations for data science WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? You…

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  • Develop Your Data Science Fundamentals & Prepare to Apply to the Metis Bootcamp. Register Here: Metis Admissions Prep is a free online tool that helps prospective Data Science Bootcamp students understand more about how to prep for the admissions process and how to gauge their readiness. Designed by the Metis Admissions and Senior Data Science teams, this tool helps students build their Linear Algebra,…

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