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Operation Spark

Operation Spark offers a digital education program for low-opportunity individuals based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Started initially as a summer program, Operation Spark now runs intensive year-round bootcamps, and students are immersed in the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the Node.js environment. Operation Spark also offers apprenticeships and the opportunity for graduates of their programs to work in real production cycles for clients. In addition to the three-month, 700 hour, full-time Immersion program, Operation Spark offers a 5-week, part-time, 60 hour Intro to Programming Bootcamp.

Focused on New Orleans, where generational poverty is an issue, they are concerned with developing and distributing effective learning tools and programs to help circumvent the costs of higher education and provide accelerated workforce development.

No past experience is required to apply. As a member of the Reactor Core network of schools, the Operation Spark curriculum was developed in part with Hack Reactor.

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