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OPMI Business School

OPMI Business School is a leading post secondary education institution located in the heart of the Financial District of NYC. We set the standards on higher learning and apply it to the development of integrity and commitment towards the progress of our students. With our job placement program and an intimate knowledge of NYC, we will go out of our way to get you on a career path to success. Take the step to a new future.

Our courses, which are in high demand in the job market will give you the opportunity to succeed. Our IT Bootcamps are the fundamental building blocks to learning coding, app creations and basically any IT service out there. We design our courses with you in mind, helping you every step of the way to make sure you gain the experience and knowledge to succeed once you step out of our doors. Included course are SAS Programming, Computer training, TOEFL, Medical Office training, Graphic Design, Business Administration and many more. Inquire now.

Now offering Advance ESL with vocational training for international students that want to take it a step further to learning in America. We know what it takes for international students to make it in America and we’re here to help you.

Learn-Apply-Succeed…Take that first step now.

OPMI Business School Courses & Classes

  • ESL is an essential course for all incoming international students. We provide the necessary skills for you to learn English and be able to compete in America with others. Every year, OPMI helps hundreds of students from over 52 countries not only learn English, but also develop their skill set to work in English or Technical field. OPMI originated from an extraordinary ESL program since…

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  • Full Stack Web Development

    • $7,995
    • 12 weeks

    In modern day web development, more and more web developers are trying to apply traditionally front-end technologies to back-end and using JavaScript as the main language to create complicated web applications. ​ This course does not require any previous experience on computer programming. Our experienced taechers will start to cover basics such as HTML(5) and CSS from scratch and then cover JavaScript in depth and…

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