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Prime Digital Academy

Prime is an 18 week accelerated learning program teaching foundational software engineering skills through a fullstack Javascript development curriculum. The 18 week program is supplemented by an apprenticeship network with dozens of companies signed up to bringing graduates of the program onboard to continue their learning on-the-job at an impressive list of the area’s best workplaces.

Meaningful Industry Involvement
Founded by and co-located with award-winning software development company, The Nerdery, Prime brings a holistic approach to helping students understand the job of a software engineer and how they’ll need to interface and collaborate with project managers, designers, quality assurance and especially clients and stakeholders. Students will experience the vibrant culture of The Nerdery and get real exposure to the working life of a software engineer starting on their first day of school.

Instructors Who Work in the Field
Supporting our seasoned instructors, classroom mentorship at Prime is delivered through a unique sabbatical program that offers working software engineers of our hiring network the chance to bring their expertise into the classroom without leaving their job. As a student you’ll spend each day learning from technical experts with up-to-the-minute insight you won’t find in any textbook.

Learn By Doing
Prime’s curriculum is engineered from top to bottom to prepare you for the software engineering workplace through exposure to pragmatic best practices and real world work. Our assignments are abstracted from work done by entry level programmers in our hiring network, and the projects in the second half of the program are tackling the real technology needs of startups in our community. You’ll leave the program with a portfolio of work, not just a collection of homework exercises.

Learn Through Apprenticeship
The hardest part of launching a new career is getting your foot in the door. Prime Digital Academy’s partnerships with dozens of local tech employers connect you with hiring managers at the industry’s best workplaces. Our network of apprenticeship positions, designed specifically with Prime graduates in mind provides three or more months of paid, on the job experience to get your resume started. Placement in these programs must be earned, but we’ve worked with the network to ensure that you’re learning everything you need to know to hit the ground running in your first gig as a software engineer.

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Prime Digital Academy Courses & Classes

  • Prime’s software engineer training program includes 6 weeks of online pre-study with weekly instructor check-ins before diving into an intensive 12 week classroom experience covering full-stack javascript development. Students graduating from the course are encouraged to take advantage of a network of paid apprenticeship opportunities offered by many of the over 30 companies participating in Prime’s curriculum and hiring network.

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