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Queens Tech Academy

The Queens Tech Academy is a 12-week part-time coding bootcamp based in Queens, NYC.

The Queens Tech Academy aims to provide students a well-rounded opportunity to become web developers and mobile developers. Our programs cover a lot from the ground up – starting from the fundamentals to building your own websites and apps. The programs all maintain a low student to instructor ratio to ensure a productive and hands-on learning environment.

Mobile Development: Our 12-week mobile development course is designed to teach you the fundamentals, skills, and tools to create your own iOS mobile app.

Web Development and Design: Our 12-week web development course is designed to teach a foundation of evergreen web technologies that are the basis of every website.


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  • About the Course: Before diving into the Swift programming language and Xcode, the tool for building iOS and OS X apps, students will be taught the fundamentals to computer science (algorithms and data structures). Students will be building three mobile apps using the skills learned. At the end of each week, students will be assigned mini projects to complete throughout the week based on the…

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  • Students will be taught traditional HTML and CSS to create web pages and later JavaScript and jQuery to create interactions with those pages. At the end of this course, students will be able to create their own web pages that push the limits of their newly acquired skills. Now is the time to kickstart your career as a web developer or build that website you’ve…

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