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Refactory offers a 12-week, full-time mobile development coding boocamp in Bandung, Indonesia. Refactory wants to help students learn programming regardless of their background, gender, or religion. In order to be eligible for Refactory’s bootcamp, one must be an Indonesian citizen, have a strong will to become a programmer, and have basic knowledge of programming which will be tested through an online skills test. Sudents will undergo mobile programming training co-operated by professional mentors to ensure every graduate is ready to work in an international setting. Sudents will learn modern technologies and have a chance to earn a real salary by working on real taks and projects from partner companies.

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  • The Remote Immersive is a Bootcamp program done online. For 8 weeks you will learn to programme with flexibility and dynamic atmosphere without eliminating the aspect of intensity that becomes our DNA. Our Remote Immersive platform will drive your learning process faster, by putting flexibility as a unique component that supports your overall skill development.

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