Refcode classes


Refcode was established to help refugees to qualify for skilled jobs in Atlanta, GA. It is a service of the Refugee Career Hub which is managed by Friends of Refugees. This program has been opened up to everyone (not just refugees) so that refugees will have an opportunity to expand their social and professional networks, learn about American culture, and hopefully develop a friendship with someone in the greater Atlanta area.

The first Refcode class, “Intro to Professional Web Development” is intended to introduce beginners to coding languages, tools, and skills, and give them an idea of what a job as a developer would look like.

The introductory class will teach students to code their own website in HTML, CSS, and will also teach them to use all of the professional tools and methodologies, that a developer would use, including GitHub, Atom IDE, Kanban boards, Agile methodology (such as sprints and standup meetings), Slack chat, and many others.

Each student will be assigned a one-on-one mentor to meet with once a week outside of class. Graduates of the program will have continued professional mentorship afterwards and will be welcomed into the Refcode Graduates Professional Network, which will provide the opportunity to share and learn about job opportunities, continued education, events, and future classes.

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