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Rithm School

Rithm’s full-stack web development program is a 16 week, full-time accelerated learning experience in San Francisco, CA.

The Rithm team aims to take independent and thoughtful students and turn them into confident and creative full-stack developers. Class sizes are limited 12-16 students to ensure an intimate and focused learning community.

The curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and students will gain the technical skills needed to succeed as a web developer, along with a deep understanding of the industry’s conventions and best practices. The course is structured so students have three weeks contribute to open source code with company projects, and two full-time weeks of job support.

Rithm School has a team of experienced instructors with years of experience both teaching and writing curriculum. Rithm School works closely with partner companies to ensure that the curriculum is top quality and relevant, enabling graduates to hit the ground running from day one. With a small student to teacher ratio and experienced instructors, students can move faster and cover more material than in other bootcamps.

Rithm School is committed to student success both during and after the program. Students can choose a deferred tuition option, and if you not learning at the pace necessary to be successful during the first six weeks of the program, Rithm offers a full refund and the opportunity to apply for a later class.

Rithm School Courses & Classes

  • What you’ll be doing on any given day may vary, but you’ll typically be coding for a majority of the day, both alone and in pairs. Instructors will lecture on more conceptual topics in the morning and afternoon, but we encourage you to spend as much time as possible coding while instructors are available. In the later afternoon and evenings, you’ll have material to read,…

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