RMOTR classes


RMOTR school is one of the leading online Python web development and data science bootcamps. RMOTR offers 4-month online programs where students interact with teachers, mentors, and classmates remotely.

Trainings include a clear and curated path with a goal of always knowing “what to do next”. Scheduled live sessions and weekly mentor support helps to keep students accountable. Training includes a well thought set of real-life projects, assistance with building portfolios, and much more.

RMOTR boasts simple pricing, subscription plans, and monthly payment options. Students have the option to select free full-featured access during the first week of training (includes 2 live classes), and they have the option to unsubscribe at any time, with no questions asked

RMOTR Courses & Classes

  • A fully remote course, but with two LIVE classes per week + unlimited mentorship. Learn to use Python to automate every mundane task and perform data analysis with the most popular tools and libraries: Pandas, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Scrapy, etc. It’s a 3-month course, led by a real instructor, meeting two times per week in live classes to help keep yourself accountable. Our course is highly…

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  • Our “Web Development with Django” course is great for Python developers that are willing to get a job as Web developers or want to create their our products/startups. You will start with a quick overview of all the Django concepts, and jump directly into the most advanced features of the framework. We dedicate a big part of the course to teach you about HTTP concepts,…

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