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Sales Bootcamp’s vision is to provide students with access to a strong network, training, and job opportunities.

Sales Bootcamp runs a free 1-week online bootcamp for students wishing to break into tech sales. After completing the bootcamp, students have the opportunity to take a paid 3-month fellowship where they work with corporate partners. Upon completion of the fellowship, students are guaranteed a position in sales.

Sales Bootcamp focuses on teaching sales skills, with a goal of helping students launch careers, and build extensive professional networks operated by a group of individuals that have spent their careers building and scaling world-class sales teams. Sales Bootcamp believes everyone should have access to great training, a supportive ecosystem, and a committed hiring network. Sales Bootcamp has recently acquired Inside Sales Bootcamp.


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  • Free 1-Week Part-Time Bootcamp for anyone looking to earn a job in tech sales. Sales Bootcamp is offering a Free 1-Week Part-Time Bootcamp for anyone looking to earn a job in tech sales. Our Free Sales Bootcamp includes: – Online sales training – Sales assignments and assessments – Personalized 1:1 live coaching session – Online office hours – Job application training – Interview preparation No…

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  • The Sales Bootcamp Fellowship is a 3-month sales training and certification program designed to transform individuals with little or no technology sales background into world-class prospectors and revenue generators. Our students range from recent college graduates looking for their first job to established sales professionals looking to break into tech. No fees. No deposit. No % of your salary. How does it work? Step 1…

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