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School of Accelerated Learning

School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL) offers a full-time, 14-week coding bootcamp in Hyderabad, India. The Exponent Program in Web Development (TEP) helps students master the fundamentals of full-stack JavaScript, with a focus on React, NodeJS, database design, and APIs.
The School of Accelerated Learning looks for applicants who are passionate about learning software development in a collaborative, immersive and accelerated environment. SOAL accepts students who are naturally curious and seek critical feedback to improve their skills. Applicants will need to fill out an online form and participate in an interview.

The core elements of TEP includes meta-learning, a comprehensive curriculum, fluid classrooms, learning by building, and exceptional faculty. Instructors are all experienced software developers and will introduce concepts through lecture, live coding, lightning talks, and hands-on demonstrations. The course is structured into 3 phases – the 4-week Core phase is for fundamentals, the 8-week Focus phase is where students can choose a front-end, back-end, or full-stack path, and then the 2-week Career phase helps students prep for the job search. Most of the students’ course time will be spent programming in pairs, on solo projects, and in group projects.

Students will learn at T-Hub Hyderabad, a co-working space at the intersection of the startup-up, academic, corporate, research, and government sector. Graduates will receive a certificate of successful completion from TEP.

School of Accelerated Learning Courses & Classes

  • Full Stack Web Development

    • $2,500
    • 14 weeks

    CORE PHASE 4 Weeks Build the fundamentals of web development as you learn FullStack Javascript FOCUS PHASE: CHOOSE ONE OF THE 3 PATHS FRONTEND 8 weeks Deep dive into and gain proficiency in technologies that define modern FrontEnd development BACKEND 8 weeks Gain expertise in server side programming and technology that define BackEnd Development FULLSTACK 8 weeks Get an overview of both, frontend and backend…

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