Seattle U Coding Bootcamp classes

Seattle U Coding Bootcamp

Seattle University is a small private Catholic liberal arts and sciences institution with a strong reputation. Ranked as one of the top 5 regional universities in the west by U.S. News & World Report, Seattle U is also noted for having one of the highest average salary rates for graduates in the nation.

The programming boot camp is a 12 week intensive summer program with courses taking place over three blocks of 4 weeks.

The course is an introductory sequence designed for those who have no other prior programming experience. It is a set of three accelerated computer programming courses requiring at least 20 hours of work per week outside of class. Prospective students are encouraged to look through the boot camp syllabi to get a sense of whether or not they have sufficient programming experience to enter the certificate program directly.

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Seattle U Coding Bootcamp Courses & Classes

  • This program is designed to produce professionals who can analyze massive amounts of data in business, governments, and other industries. Topics include relational database systems, multi-dimensional modeling, data warehousing, data mining, big data analytics, web analytics, and business intelligence.

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