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SecureSet Academy

SecureSet Academy brings the bootcamp model to cyber security education with comprehensive, skills-focused programs for launching a security career or upgrading a tradecraft. Launched in 2014, SecureSet is the first cyber security immersive program of its kind and is committed to securing the future.

SecureSet partners closely with top security employers to provide the skilled talent the industry is searching for. With 100+ employers in their network, students enjoy a high job placement rate.

The path to launching a highly rewarding security career can take 5-10 years; SecureSet can get you there in 5 months

SecureSet Academy Courses & Classes

  • The CORE Program is your direct path to a technical cybersecurity career. This 800-hour immersive, full-time curriculum provides ample hands-on experience and includes twelve foundational courses that explore network fundamentals, system security, and threat intelligence. This program is highly technical in nature. A natural interest in programming and/or networks in recommended. The move from IT to a technical cybersecurity position can take five to to…

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  • The HUNT program is your direct path to an analytical cybersecurity career. This 480-hour immersive, full-time curriculum includes eight foundational courses that deep-dive on concepts related to threat intelligence, data visualization and interpretation, as well as threat and adversary hunting. More analytical than our CORE program, a natural interest in research, problem solving, and a clever mind are recommended. The natural progression from general IT…

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  • The PATH program is a part-time cybersecurity skills and theory education program that allows you to choose between two possible paths of curriculum: engineering or analytics. Whether you want to track down threats with analytics, or hack networks through engineering, this program has a path that fits your cybersecurity career goals. Due to the open-choice style of this curriculum, this program is equally recommended for…

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  • This workshop is the ultimate preparation for individuals looking to take any of our immersive programs and launch their career in the field of cybersecurity. This six-week evening class will give you the introduction to Systems, Networking and Python that you need to be a rockstar in our programs. Passing this workshop guarantees admittance to one of our programs, with the ability to deduct the…

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