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SoftStack Factory

SoftStack Factory is a non-profit, part-time, 24-week full-stack web and mobile development immersion bootcamp in San Diego, California. The four-phase immersive program focuses on applying an immersion bootcamp model with on-the-job-training to teach students JavaScript, HTML, MEAN, and mobile development. Students of the course will also learn about teamwork, problem-solving, product building, and corporate etiquette by working on real-life projects with experienced mentors.

The part-time evening program is a 4 phase program: Phase 1 is the qualifier phase which is 4 weeks, this stage allows both the student and Softstack Factory to be mutually evaluated. Once qualified and based on availability we currently offer 3 more phases that provide young adults an opportunity to learn skill sets that can assist in entering the Digital Economy.

Classes are offered during the evenings twice a week allowing students the chance to carry on with their daily activities while immersing in follow-on study materials during the rest of their free time. The program is almost free, only requiring a small $125 donation for the qualifying phase, a $250 donation for phases 2 and 4 and a $125 donation for phase 3.

SoftStack Factory Courses & Classes

  • The SoftStack Factory bootcamp consists of a total of 24 weeks of part time classes, where the students will spend an average of 4-6 hours a day on course work, meet two times a week as a group for 4 hours, dedicated to the learning of a complete technology stack, best practices regarding technology and corporate etiquette. The bootcamp focuses on web and mobile application…

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