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Please note: In March 2016, Starter League was acquired by New York City-based coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy.

The Starter League empowers beginners to solve problems through technology. We teach two immersive, in-person programs: a 3-month Web Development course that takes beginners from zero to software developers, and Starter School, a 9-month program that takes beginners from zero to entrepreneur. For people with 9-to-5 jobs, we offer 3-month part-time courses that cover HTML & CSS, JavaScript, visual design, and user experience.

Since 2011, we have taught over 1,000 people how to make their ideas real with technology. We have over 150 alumni that have become entrepreneurs and hundreds more who have landed jobs as developers, designers, and product managers.

Starter League Courses & Classes

  • At Starter School you’ll learn the coding skills to become a developer. You’ll learn enough about design to be dangerous. You’ll pick up the business skills necessary to call yourself a product manager. But more importantly you’ll gain the confidence to start something new and make something people want. Starter School is not a bootcamp, because you are not a code monkey. Instead of being…

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  • Web Development

    • $8,000
    • 11 weeks

    Until now, you’ve lacked the technical skills to turn your ideas into reality. Our Web Development course is about to change that. We’ve designed this course for true beginners There are no prerequisites other than passion and persistence. Our mission is to demolish the artificial barriers that have been put up around programming and make it accessible to anyone who wants to learn. Over the…

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