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Sun Training Center offers IT training courses and certifications in Miami, FL. Sun Training aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge, certification preparation, and practical work experience to become competent specialists in their chosen field. The school focuses on offering opportunities for career advancement through short-term programs, personalized learning, and professional certifications to help students improve their skills without the burden of sizable student loan debt.

Courses include:
– 10-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time Cybersecurity Training: Students that successfully complete the program will be able to demonstrate the fundamental knowledge and skills utilized in information systems and cyber-Security positions, assess security needs of computer and network systems, and develop and interpret needs and computer and network safeguarding solutions.

– 10-week accelerated Fullstack Web Development program: Students that successfully complete the program will be able to understand computer programming languages including SQL, Java, C++, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS, IOS/Swift, and Ruby on Rails.

Sun Training Center is a subsidiary of Sun workplace Solutions, Inc and was created for the local Miami community and employer needs of skilled technical workers

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Sun Training Center Courses & Classes

  • In this 10-week accelerated program, students will learn how to think and code as a programming professional. Students will study the most popular computer languages for microcomputer programming including C#, C++ language, Python, and Java just to name a few. Students will learn the fundamentals of program design and systems design, data structures, data communications, customer support operations, and advanced programming in specific languages. Students…

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  • This program is designed for IT professionals with some work experience in C/C#/C++ programming, computer networks, operating system design, algorithms and data structures, and computer organization. The Cyber-Security program teaches students how to design, implement, and maintain secure information infrastructures within an organization against hacking attacks and exploits. Students that successfully complete the program will be able to: – Demonstrate fundamental knowledge and skills utilized…

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