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T1CG Academy

T1CG Academy is an 8 week Saturday course taught by web development professionals in Columbia, Maryland. We will focus on teaching some of the most in demand technologies which include but are not limited to: HTML, CSS, JS, and React. Whether you are looking to boost your resume or you are just interested in expanding your knowledge, T1CG Academy professionals are dedicated to helping you meet these goals! Upon completion, you will have a portfolio to show potential employers!


T1CG Academy Courses & Classes

  • Web Development

    • $124
    • 8 weeks

    T1CG Academy will be an 8 week Saturday course held from 10am-3pm. During this course, you will learn the essential programming skills you will need to build applications! Our Web Developers will be there to guide you through the critical thinking process and help students gain the confidence to become better self learners. At the end of the course, students will have a portfolio to…

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