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The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy offers full and part-time web development training. Their self-paced Software Developer Boot Camp can be taken online in full from home, or in-person at one of their five campuses.

Students study at their own speed with Tech Academy instructors available to help when needed. Instructors review code and assist in debugging. The program brings about well-rounded, full-stack, junior-level software developers, and takes 20-30 weeks to complete.

The Tech Academy offers four boot camp tracks that including the Front-End Web Developer Bootcamp, the Python Bootcamp, the C# & .NET Framework Bootcamp, and the Software Developer Bootcamp (which covers both Python and C#).

Curriculum starts with computer science basics, which is meant to take away the mystery behind technology and lay the foundation on which the rest of the curriculum is built. Students then learn multiple programming languages and skills needed to be a successful developer, including Version Control, HTML & CSS, Database & SQL, JavaScript, Visual Studio, Project Management, Python, and/or C# & ASP.NET.

At the end of the program, students participate in a live project and receive job placement training. The live project gives students the opportunity to work on a real-world software development project, that they can add to their resume. The job placement training teaches them how to build a technical resume, best networking and interview practices, and all the skills needed to have the best chance at getting a good job in technology.

Graduates from The Tech Academy are trained in several in-demand programming languages and are set up for a long-lasting, successful career in software development. No background or experience is required. Enrollment is open now so you can start today!


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