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UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) is a full-stack web development training school that ranges from 1 to 3 years in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Unit Factory’s mission is to teach students how to code, how to enhance teamwork skills, and improve creativity through technical solutions. Through the standards of French Code School, 42, the school aims to help students find well-paid jobs and grow Ukraine’s innovative economy. UNIT Factory aims to provide quality IT training that can satisfy the shortage for Ukrainian companies.

The program is open to adults aged 18 to 30, and the application process assesses each applicant’s ability and motivation through an online application, mini game test, and in-person interview. The project-based learning system forces graduates to adapt to real-world experiences as much as possible. UNIT Factory focuses on continuous professional development, encouraging students to engage in various projects of the modern digital age, and equipping them with the skills to be in high demand in the labor market.


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