Best Clojure Bootcamps

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  • Programming in Clojure

    Clojure is a pragmatic and powerful language that combines modern functional features with interactive development on top of best-in-class performance.

  • Graduate Scholarship

    Successful candidates will embark on an intensive 12-week training program, covering the full range of topics required of entry-level developers, whereupon they will be expected to embark on client projects…

  • Web Developer Fast Track

    Fast Track in to Web Development with our unique 6 months training and mentored, paid work placement programme. The first phase consists of 12 weeks intensive, classroom-based study covering everything…

  • CODEcamp Charleston classes

    CODEcamp Charleston

    CODEcamp offers a series of 4-week evening courses and one-day intensive trainings for those looking to improve their current skills or learn new technologies. CODEcamp operates in collaboration with the…