Best Data Mining Bootcamps

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  • Data Science Bootcamp

    After 12 weeks of intensive training in the NEOLAND Data Science Bootcamp, you will be fully prepared to enter the labor market as Junior Data Scientist. Throughout the Bootcamp, you…

  • Data Scientist

    Test Mining, NLP, ML on graphs, Deep Learning. 25 hours a week over 3 months or in a continuous format: 5 hours a week over 9 months

  • DataScientest classes


    DataScientest is the leader in France in B2B training in Data Science. Our catalogue contains courses for 3 professions : Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer….

  • Seattle U Coding Bootcamp classes

    Seattle U Coding Bootcamp

    Seattle University is a small private Catholic liberal arts and sciences institution with a strong reputation. Ranked as one of the top 5 regional universities in the west by U.S….

  • Neoland classes


    Neoland School specializes in the fields of design, web development, and user experience. The school offers intensive bootcamps in UX/UI design and Full-stack web development. Neoland guarantees that students in…